Does Scheduling Meetings Feel Like Herding Cats?

Scheduling meetings can be such a drag. It is time consuming to try to find an appropriate timing to meet with someone. We have been there; this is where Gazar comes to life. With Gazar, your schedule issues are of the past!

Meet Gazar.

Gazar will turn your calendar into your very own personal assistant. Just sit back and relax as Gazar does it all for you. It will coordinate meetings for you, check your availability respond to whoever invited you, book meetings and mark it on your calendar!

It's mind-blowing.

All via Email

Someone invited you to grab coffee? No problem. CC Gazar while replying to your friend and watch as the magic unfolds.

Manage Your Time Better

Gazar will get free time slots from your calendar, respond to the invitation and then ask you for a confirmation once it finds the perfect time slot. If you both use Gazar, it will automatically calculate the mutual free slots and you won’t have to think twice about it!

Wanna try Gazar?

We Will ping you once it's ready. Stay tuned.

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